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You may be in an impossible financial situation and find that you cannot pay your bills.  One solution to this overwhelming problem is to declare bankruptcy.  For those who qualify, debts are either discharged altogether or restructured into an affordable payment plan. Our attorneys at Allen Turner Law tactfully examine your specific circumstances and advise about eligibility.

Affordable bankruptcy representation

When bankruptcy is appropriate, our attorney fee is extremely reasonable at only $999 plus filing costs. We guide you through the entire process to ensure that it is completed as smoothly and quickly as possible.
We usually recommend filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Federal Bankruptcy Law. Chapter 7 is often appropriate for those who have large credit card bills and few assets. The debt may be completely wiped and you can keep your home and car. Chapter 13 is usually a better choice when you have a steady income and more substantial assets that you wish to keep. A repayment plan is set up for your mortgage arrears, credit card debt, vehicle loans, and other unsecured debt.