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Cobb County Workers Compensation Law Firms

What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation consists of a series of laws designed to ensure payment by your employer for some part of the cost of injuries or occupational diseases that you received during the course of your employment.

Under the law, businesses must have some form of workers compensation insurance to cover injured employees. It is important to remember that filing a workers compensation claim is not a lawsuit against an employer, but rather a request for benefits.

The law requires that the employer furnish a safe place to work, suitable equipment, rules and instructions when they are necessary, and competent foremen and superintendents. The employer is liable for any act of negligence on the part of another employee, for the gross negligence of the employer, and for extraordinary risks at work.

If you have been injured on the job, the workers comp lawyers in Cobb County at Allen Turner Law can explain the complexities of workers compensation and help you secure the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

When should you seek legal advice?

Workers typically need to hire a Cobb County workers comp lawyer when they are refused benefits to which they are entitled, are told that they can return to work before they are medically able, or are denied extended or permanent disability benefits despite significant disabling injury.

If your company doctor declares that you are able to return to work even though you feel that it is too soon, you should seek professional legal advice from a workers comp attorney in Cobb County immediately.

Allen Turner Law has been representing employees in workers compensation cases for more than 25 years. We will fight to ensure that you are reimbursed for the following benefits:

  • Hospital bills
  • Current medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Travel expenses
  • Disability
  • Lump sum payments

Our Cobb County workers compensation law firm also represents your dependents if you die as the result of a work-related accident. Your surviving spouse, children, and dependent stepchildren are entitled to benefits, generally two-thirds of your average weekly wage up to a maximum of $500 per week. If there are no children, the maximum a surviving spouse can receive is $150,000.

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